SFI Milestone: 200,000 TripleClicks TCards distributed to date!

SFI Milestone: 200,000 TripleClicks TCards distributed to date!September 26, 2016 by lrobison0967WOW! Since the launch of our TCards, SFI Affiliates have distributed more than 200,000 of these marketing aids to prospective TripleClicks Members around the world!Help us reach our goal of 250,000 distributed TCards. Become a TCard “DistribuStar” for the chance to win badges and prizes, all while gaining possible new PRMs, earning bonus VP, and increasing your commission potential! Get complete details and tips at the TripleClicks TCard Guide.

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IMPORTANT ALERT for users with older browsers and operating systems! [re-post]

IMPORTANT ALERT for users with older browsers and operating systems! [re-post]September 13, 2016 by lrobison0967In the last few years, MAJOR vulnerabilities have been found with SSLv3 and TLSv1.0 encryption schemes found on older browser versions and mobile phone operating systems.  These older apps are incapable of strong encryption and are not compliant with current credit card security protocols required by our merchant bank. That means that as of now, affiliates using unsafe software versions are no longer able to access the Affiliate Center and TripleClicks sites, and MUST update their browsers and operating systems to their most recent releases immediately.Please help us ensure all Affiliates get this message–and update their software–by sending a notice to your PSAs and CSAs.

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New personalized JMT Banners!

New personalized JMT Banners!August 31, 2016 by csi4adminIf you love using your JMT (Join My Team) gateway, you’re going to love our new JMT banners that you can pair up with your gateway in your advertising and promotions.Go HERE now to see all five new banners.What’s special about these new banners is that they are personalized for you!  They automatically include both your name and your account photo!Here’s a sample banner:IMPORTANT TIP: If you’re planning to use the new JMT banner, it would be a great time to get the best photo of yourself uploaded as your SFI account photo.  An image focused on your friendly, smiling face will go a long ways towards attracting new prospects.  A dour, fuzzy, or otherwise non-professional image, conversely, may repel prospects!  Install your new photo HERE.Learn more about the importance of a great account photo in this ne

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